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Sometimes getting your hair to grow healthy and strong takes a little effort.  These five things are the non-negotiable route ('scuse pun) to Good Hair

1. Nutrition & Digestion

Boost your nutrition intake AND ensure its absorption: Work on your digestion and diet, take your vitamins, plus pro-biotics, get plenty of good quality protein and aim for optimum stomach pH balance by eating or drinking your greens.

2. Increase Blood Flow

Create more blood flow: massage your scalp as much as possible in whatever way you prefer or in several ways; use a massager or your ngertips, get someone to do it for you (bliss), try a little strategic hair pulling or a scalp roller, brush your hair every day, each way.

3. Healthy Scalp

Treat your scalp: Use a scalp or root nutrient product from any on the market or do the olive oil thing if you feel inclined. Think of your hair as a plant and treat the soil that you hair grows from with some kind of food and hydration.

 4. Silicone Free

Stop using products with silicones, especially if your hair is fine or gets greasy easily. Swap over to using natural, or more conscientiously created products with less harsh chemicals.

5. Be Happy and Grateful

Pro-actively seek your own happiness and emotional wellbeing; create your own healing journey with whatever tools appeal to you: HIIT fitness, meditation, Taoist breathing, acupuncture, yoga, an gratitude attitude whatever it is that makes you feel good inside and increases your emotional vitality, and do these things regularly.

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