Who We Are (for real)

I spent most of my career in the beauty industry and also became a yoga teacher and then trained in homeopathy and herbalism, but it wasn’t until my hair started to get noticeably thinner that my health and wellness research took on a more earnest form.  That’s when I met up with my business partner Carol who had recently survived breast cancer and lost all her hair.  Our shared quest for good quality products, plus the undeniable inner contentment needed for better health and beauty led us to create Kansha Alchemy.

We have both worked for global super brands and know they represent a promise well delivered, so it is our promise to you, and to ourselves, to develop products that we would stand by and will give the best results possible.

I’ve done all the hard work for you.

The Kansha Promise

Kansha Alchemy only uses pure or minimally processed raw materials and absolutely no synthetic flow or bulking agents so the ingredients have maximum potency.  This means all the supplements are incredibly fresh and quite fragrant and if you have previously been taking supplements that are covered in synthetic extras, this may come as a surprise.  All our formulations are clinically developed for optimum effectiveness, each ingredient has a vital role to play and is included for its ability to achieve fantastic results.

The Kansha Philosophy

Kansha is the Japanese word for gratitude and Kansha Alchemy was developed to represent the magical transformation that occurs when we are grateful.

Beauty is not just skin deep, it comes from within.  And that isn’t just the food that we eat or the supplements we take, it is also the way we treat ourselves, the thoughts that we have and the pleasure we take in life.  This is what activates the radiance that comes from within and shines without.  Kansha Alchemy’s mission is holistic: to enhance beauty and wellbeing from both the inside and out, with a little magical alchemy in between.   We put our heart and soul into creating honest beauty, grooming and wellbeing systems that feel good to use and work hard to get satisfying results working on the inside with nutritional supplementation as well as the outside with products to create great skin, good hair and vibrant health and all the while with the Kansha Alchemy philosophy of gratitude to feed the soul. 

the Gods do not apply their gifts until we are grateful for what we already have

Being grateful with intention and a daily ritual is a life enhancing game changer, it’s no wonder so many spiritual disciplines and restorative programmes have some kind of regular gratitude giving as a core tenet of their philosophy. Gratitude is a great place to start in any improvement or healing process and one we wanted to include as part of our architecture. The English language only has a few words for being thankful but other more ancient tongues have a plethora of ways to express thanks – may all your days be blessed with sunshine.

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