Wonder Women Natural Herbal Hormone Balance

A powerful and effective herbal complex that naturally regulates female hormones with the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine and modern scientific expertise.  Wonder Women includes all the key herbs known for their incredible effect on balancing hormones whether PMS or menopause, helping night sweats, hot flushes, cramps, tenderness, irritability, low mood, low libido, brain fog.  This isn’t just one or two herbs, Wonder Women has eight herbs which work as adaptogens, which means they do not create excess situations and bring the body back into balance, whatever the issue.

NO SYNTHETIC FILLERS, FLOW OR BULKING AGENTS, just premium, potent and pure active ingredients which are minimally processed for maximum benefits.

Suitable for any woman experiencing hormonal issues, in all hormonal phases, especially menopause.
For Best Results, order a 3-month supply.

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