Holistic View

Hair loss or thinning is always an indication of processes in the body breaking down or not working so well, so there are always several things you can do to take action and get great results from your nutritional supplementation.  The main cause of the increasing incidence of hair thinning is the modern diet, high use of pharmaceuticals and stressful lives. One thing is for sure, lack of good digestive bacteria flora and an acidic system are two key causes of the increase in sensitivity to DHT, a derivative of testosterone which shrinks the hair until it disappears. Taking a good quality, multi-strain pro-biotic is essential to decrease DHT’s power over your hair and to ensure your body is properly digesting the nutrients you take or eat.

Stress is another cause of increased DHT in our bodies.  Stress triggers all kinds of chemical reactions that are not necessarily good.  One of these is increased insulin production which in turn fires up testosterone levels and its derivatives like DHT, so keeping a lid on stress is vital part of the armory to grow healthy hair.  

As de-stressing is so much part of any healthy lifestyle, we recognized that a holistic view of health was important to gain healthy hair goals and why Kansha Alchemy's philosophy is to take time to be grateful in order to create the happiness within. So whilst nutrients are going to feed your hair and help correct some of the issues that are preventing healthy hair growth, the yoga lifestyle we promote here is part of this holistic view that taking care of our mental and 'spiritual' well being creates the inner vitality which is reflected in the outer body.  Kansha does mean 'gratitude' and Kansha Alchemy represents the magical transformation that occurs when we are grateful. THANK YOU!