About Good Hair Nutrient Complex

Good Hair doesn’t just feed the hair, it actually kick-starts hair growth and addresses hair thinning and excess shedding. It is a premium, potent and pure nutritional complex designed to solve the issue of lack of good hair and it contains over 30 carefully selected and expertly combined essential vitamins, minerals and herbs such as: selenium, silica, zinc, biotin which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair as well as keratin building amino acids, plus saw palmetto, green tea extract, nettle and many other actives. 

Good Hair works in three main ways, first it nourishes the hair to ensure it is getting the nutrients it needs, second it helps stop shedding, so that hair stays in the growing phase for longer and doesn’t detach early, and thirdly, it helps block DHT which is the main cause of hair thinning or androgenic alopecia in both men and women.

NO SYNTHETIC FILLERS, FLOW OR BULKING AGENTS, just premium, potent and pure active ingredients which are minimally for maximum benefits.

Suitable for both Men & Women.
For Best Results, order a 3-month supply.

Good Hair works really well for women alongside Wonder Women, as its herbal blend supports female hormones which in turn helps to reduce cortisol, which is the number one enemy for the hair.

Good Hair Nutrient Complex to Support Hair Health
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