The Truth About Full Moons - July Stars by @VenusAndVesta

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They say that A&E hospital entries go up by 100% during a Full Moon. I would like to know if this is true, since the build up to the moon’s pull to maximum is felt by many, not least the ocean and a few of its inhabitants, but also the few nurses and doctors who know to get ready for the night of the crazies once a month. However, this Full Moon on 9th July UTC is more powerful and intense than most, to the power of ten. In fact I would class it as an eclipse in terms of its ability to move mountains and longevity. It is revolutionary, and the reasons are mostly due to Pluto, AKA Hades, the dark Lord of the underworld and his transformative, all penetrating power. Pluto is also known as ‘planetary bleach’ as it is absolutist in clearing out the darkness in the corners of our psyche that would normally be left to rot, and then forcing these hidden places to be reborn. So whilst a Pluto process or transit is to be feared, it plays a necessary role in putting the power in its rightful place; using the darkness and the shadow to create the light. Pluto is conjunct or sitting right next to this Capricorn Full Moon, the home of the ruling corporate and political world, and therein highlighting the dirt and grime of civilisation’s evolutionary path. We need to transform this shadow stuff that is coming up and there is plenty being shown on the global stage, without digging in to whatever might be going on personally if this Capricorn Full Moon at 17’ is aspecting one of your planets or angles.

Any skirmishes in the last couple of weeks as angry Mars entered Cancer, are clues as to how this Full Moon may play out and what might just combust since Mars is also still in aspect when the Full Moon occurs – there is no hiding from this wrath. Mercury and the Sun followed Mars into Cancer to make a triple whammy of planets playing opposite Pluto (and on the Sun / Moon Full Moon axis) and ensuring that the power politics of the few, are discussed and understood by the many, since all three planets are in Cancer representing family ties and domestic scenarios.

As Mars and Pluto dominate the Full Moon, the Full Moon dominates early July and the drama will surround this point (9th July) by at least a week either side, if not more, just like an eclipse, where everything is up for some kind of serious change at the business end (since this is Capricorn).

Whilst the hard bargain of Mars holds powerful sway, pretty little Venus creates a pleasing aspect in her journey through Gemini. Yes she is square to Neptune where the risk of deception is high, but since she also sextiles Mercury in Leo AND trines Jupiter in Libra, all loving and harmonious connections, her more flirtatious and magical nature will be brought the fore. Whilst Rome is burning in July, sweet words of encouragement will be sweeping the globe and especially the mid-born of these three signs (Gemini, Leo and Libra) as better connections and ideas are forged.

Around 21st July UTC Mars makes a move into Leo, a fire sign the warrior is at home in and the fight we were fighting in the past few weeks has a chance to be patched up, since Mars in Leo wants to rule with a magnanimous love, not go to war. At the same time, Mercury connects with the destiny signifier North Node also in Leo, to cast the die on potential future direction concerning the heart or what we love to do. A few days later on 23rd July, Mars is followed by the Sun moving into Leo, its home sign and is immediately joined by the Moon, creating a New Moon at 0’ Leo. Wow, this is special; we can now happily spread the warmth of this ‘sunshine’ as there is no better timing or majestic placement for new love connections than at a New Moon at 0’ Leo. Not just a fresh and untainted 0 degree, we also have a conjunction with Mars for added frisson and a welcome tempo change from what was going on at the beginning of the month and a perfect time to make a move in whatever direction excites us. This is serendipity to the max and the first of two New Moons in Leo this year, so go for it on this special day specifically.

Make your New Moon wish list quick, as a day later on 24th July, Mercury at 28’ Leo moves into its shadow zone of a Mercury Retrograde (that starts on 14th August), potentially causing delays as it enters this shadow period.   This 28 degree spot is important since it hosts the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse that will put America (and only America) in shadow on 21st August. So do not be deterred if your joyous plans meet with some resistance, the planets have work to do to make your hopes and dreams a reality. Two Leo New Moons with Mars in aspect to both make a super charged month of magical mayhem to herald in a new era and open our hearts, since Leo rules the heart. Mercury’s movements ensure it won’t go easy, we are going to have to re-think and re-do a few arrangements but only to scrap the initial plans and make bigger, lion sized ones. Upscale your dreams, go big for whatever you fancy and know in your heart, that you have earned the blessings coming your way.

VenusAndVesta looks at the planetary movements from the point of view of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty who teaches us how to open our hearts and learn of love in all its aspects and Vesta, the highly respected priestess who guides us on our evolutionary journey. Her monthly musings are designed to shed light on the month’s key moments, but if you’d like more information or regular planetary aspects her Instagram feed is @VenusAndVesta

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