The Great American Eclipse. August Stars by Venus and Vesta

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Eclipses come in pairs, the lunar and the solar, which are the Full Moon and New Moon respectively and August brings us a pair which has the USA on tenterhooks, as this rare second New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse on 21st August casts a shadow right across America from Oregan in the North West to South Carolina in the South West, which is where I am heading.  It is rare for an eclipse to not touch any other land mass except one country, so the USA has a right to feel special and especially since this eclipse happens right between Donald Trump’s ascendant and his Mars (that’s crazy feisty).

There is a whole book to be written on this, however, I am not going to waste a blog post on Donald Trump; suffice to say this is powerful and significant for America as a nation.  The eclipse energy has been building already, due to Mercury entering the shadow zone of the upcoming retrograde, on the eclipse point of 28’ degree Leo, like the electricity and mental light bulb for this eclipse being switched on, back then on 24th July.  Mercury then, was part of a Grand Fire Trine of combustible feelings, endeavours and opportunities and these fairly uncontrollable occurrences will be on-going throughout August.  If you are end of sign, near the cusp, fire sign, or end of Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus you will be in the middle of unexpected incidences and excitement or on the knife edge of decisive action.  If you wanted a relaxing holiday this August, don’t be surprised if your plans are disrupted - it would be better to go with the flow of action rather than resist - resistance is futile.

The Mercury Retrograde itself will start on 12th August through to 5th September and encourages us to think deeply and honestly about the events as they unfold.  Don’t be fooled by the usual warnings of mistakes during Mercury Retrograde period, it would be wise to look at what anything unusual is showing you and understand it from a more philosophical angle.  Mercury is bringing a dose of careful Virgo thinking into this Leo mix, so the usual Leo themes of self-sovereignty will be of the ‘royalty who serve their people’ kind.  How can I be ‘good’ and honourable to others whilst still keeping my own personal boundaries in place, is something to think about.

Before Mercury turns around, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15’ Aquarius (opposite Leo) takes place on 7th August bringing fresh ideas and inspiration to the air signs, Aquarius, Libra and especially mid-born Geminis since the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will trine Jupiter (planet of abundance) in Libra and form a Grand Trine with any planets or angles sitting mid Gemini.  Aquarius is the sign of humanity and of consciousness (opposite Leo’s kingdom and emotion) and the Lunar Eclipse here, in combination with the blessings of full-on Jupiter (square Pluto), is a dynamic step change that asks how we might want to be within relationships and with our fellow man or with our employee/er and even the state, inviting new possibilities for more equilibrium amongst mankind but also more accountability.  An Aquarian Moon is usually fairly unemotional but in opening up this debate, harder questions need to be answered in order for real changes and power shifts to occur – that’s Pluto’s fault.  The bliss we seek is on the outside of this particular comfort zone.

Now we are armed with new thoughts and visions for a brave new future for humanity, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on 21st, bats the ideals back to you, the ‘I’, with the suggestion that we all have to create this future and not hand the responsibility to someone else (like a politician).  Leo likes nothing more than to take charge and change-maker Uranus in Aries, in exact trine to the Solar Eclipse will provide all the impetus each individual needs to step up to the next role, or level of consciousness, depending on how you might see it or feel it…Leo is all about the feels and has the biggest heart, so with Uranus in play, cranking open even the hardest of hearts is possible.  This does sound like good news although astrology doesn’t really play into the duality construct of good and bad as not everyone wants the extra loving available with such a big event happening in Leo (although I will be first in the queue).  Mars in mid-Leo enhances the chances of passion and not just any old passion available; Mars is conjunct North Node and this ensures our choice is going in the right direction.  In turn, all this Leo action is trine Saturn Retrograde who is conjunct Lilith in Sagittarius, a duo not known for taking prisoners and thereby adding some deadly serious judgements on the Leo royal commands.  This is serious.  We have been summoned for service and the best thing we can give, is our hearts, good and true.

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