September Stars – Solar Eclipse Energy Stays Strong

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Eclipse Energy Stays Strong

There is no escaping it, the beginning of September is still in August 21st powerful eclipse mode, the Godfather or all astrological aspects.  If the degree of an eclipse aspects any of your natal points, you know the next six months will bring something dynamic to turn this part of your life around, not just in the fortnight or week in which the eclipse occurs.  But for September, the eclipse point is getting a double whammy as Mercury ends his retrograde period on 5th September, slap bang on 28’ Leo, the eclipse point, joined by fighter planet, Mars.  This is the degree that Mercury arrived at on 25th July to start the retrograde process, so the eclipse and Mercury Retrograde, plus Mars, are intrinsically inter-twined in a bigger picture that takes at least three months to process.  Whatever was going on back then, is either still going on, or will be rearing its complicated and possibly angry head again for week one of September.

The Turn Of The Wheel Of Life

Mercury Retrogrades can be complex and whilst we shouldn’t learn to dread them, this one in combination with the eclipse AND Mars in Leo can be highly disruptive.  Uranus, planet of impulse and change in Aries, is in trine to this, now sensitive spot on the horoscope wheel and will be instigating new ideas and fluctuations to situations the whole time, so nothing seems certain and nothing can be relied upon.  The karmic wheel of life is set to spin speed.

Neptune Enhances The Full Moon

Wednesday 6th’s Pisces Full Moon at 13’ is not going to make things any easier.  The Moon becomes full right next to Neptune who is the king of deception, mystery and lies, (as well as the sea)…and in Pisces, the overwhelming combination of Moon and Neptune is extremely destabilising; we have to let go of all thoughts, formats, roles and structures we were previously hanging our hats on to feather our nests.  Out go outmoded ways of thinking and behaving; what you thought was the best way to proceed, now looks a little tired and unworkable.  You can’t work out why, but it just isn’t right anymore.  Whilst this may feel completely unfettered, it is nature’s way of giving us all a re-boot by loosening the straps to whatever was giving us comfort.  For some this could be an exciting journey to freedom and new territories, to others, it can be terrifying.  

Virgo Makes Things Right

The Sun in opposition to this Full Moon (6th Sept), in precise and particular Virgo however, is pulling in the other direction for clarity and absolutely doing the right thing for you.  You can be sure Virgo will pick out exactly what your soul needs for the next part of the journey and in two weeks, at the Virgo New Moon on 20th, whatever is staying, will be in situ and any new seeds required will be drafted in as ready-made saplings. 

The Money Men Say Yes

I say ‘saplings’ as the weekend after the Full Moon, the 8th, 9th, 10th September, the Sun in mid-Virgo will trine Pluto in Capricorn and create some serious business opportunities or at least solid plans - much needed in the melee of disorganisation.  Whilst Pluto can be intense, harsh and unnerving, the power planet can be very effective in getting to the point when trined with the power of the Sun, and in earth signs, the two can even manifest some real money and business contracts.  Any planets or angles touching these points at around 16’ Capricorn, Virgo and especially Taurus will be in luck.  Kerrchinngg!

Let The Demotion Happen

Mercury then steps into Virgo, a home sign for the communicator God on 10th September and at the same time forms alliances with Mars and Circe; God of War and wild witch, respectively.  What could these three wilful bandits get up to in the fertile grounds of early Virgo?  They journey in a tight knit bunch, throughout the week to the weekend of 15th, 16th and 17th September, taking apart various plans and projects in a shocking and systematic way.  When is this going to stop, this deconstruction of parts of our lives that we might prefer to be left alone?  As this occurs throughout the first decan of Virgo, we can be sure the bigger picture is one of setting the record straight.  The devil is most certainly in these details and going with the flow to pluck out potential weeds is probably a better strategy than fighting this period of analysis and inspection.

Juno the marriage broker is in trine to all this Virgoan spikey analysis and her position in early Capricorn provides the theme of all relationships that need new ‘contracts’, whether in business or politics, or in affairs of the heart.  Don’t be disheartened if a relationship seems to be falling apart, the spotlight it is under will allow the right discussions to be had and difficult things to be said and then any type of relationship can be re-built on new, more solid ground.

Discernment And Values

So many de-stabilising conditions throughout September do sound daunting but in these moments of confusion, we do need to hang on to what really counts and when Venus leaves love-all Leo and enters Virgo at the same time as the Virgo New Moon on 20th, a new level of discernment can be relied upon.  Now we have the Venus energy of true values and honest of heart, we will have better judgement regarding what direction we want to take, rather than these situations deciding for us.

The Virgo New Moon at 27’ is opposite Chiron, the wounded healer in Pisces and sextile Ceres, the corn Goddess in Cancer, so as particular as Miss Virgo New Moon wants to plan and plant, she has to be highly sensitive to the emotional welfare of anyone concerned in her projects.  This is easy for Virgo and the other aspects around this New Moon (Mars and Mercury opposite Neptune) as they all support an intuitive way of working towards real life goals.

You Shall Go To The Ball

This is just as well, as from 26th September (to 1st Oct), Jupiter, the planet of abundance and of higher learning, makes the final and exact opposition to Uranus, the change maker God.  This is the bolt of lightning wake up call for humanity as the two planetary giants face each other for an ‘in the tribe’ handshake and a tacit agreement to ‘let’s do this thing!’.  Jupiter in Libra wants beautiful and harmonious outcomes; Uranus in Aries urges you to take up the challenge.  How can we resist this cosmic call up?  Virgo, working like Cinders all month, has done all the prep.  This week long open door way with starlight stairway, is our ticket to the ball.

VenusAndVesta looks at the planetary movements from the point of view of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty who teaches us how to open our hearts and learn of love in all its aspects and Vesta, the highly respected priestess who guides us on our evolutionary journey.  Her monthly musings are designed to shed light on the month’s key moments, but if you’d like more information or regular planetary aspects her Instagram feed is @VenusAndVesta

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