November Stars by Venus & Vesta – If You Can’t Be With The One You Love, Love The One You’re With

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The move into Scorpio by Jupiter last month really has opened up a new, darker dialogue as the expansive qualities of Jupiter augment and highlight shadow elements that often involve sex or power or both.  This Pandora’s Box of darker truths, power play and open secrets is now ‘out’ and part of the regular conversation.  There is no going back from this and as Jupiter stays in Scorpio for a whole year, we all will be taking a searing look at what these cat out of the bag surprises mean and creating a new set of dynamics with the higher wisdom that Jupiter always brings.

With Jupiter’s new attitude in mind, the Taurean Full Moon at 11’’ will dominate the skies over the first weekend of November (fireworks in the UK) and act as a reminder of the niche we have created for ourselves and the comfort zone we don’t want to leave.  Taurus is stubborn but Jupiter in opposition and the other aspects are showing the bull, how his creature comforts are not necessarily in his best interest.  The desire to hold on is strong, but it might now feel like a candidate for Hoarders, the programme about people who won’t let go.

A Lesson In Letting Go

This Full Moon dilemma is emphasised by love planet Venus, making the first move of November with an opposition to crazy planet Uranus, exact on the 3rd Nov.  They really are on opposing sides with wildly differing objectives, what could possibly go wrong?  Uranus’ energy is disruptive to anything you might be holding on to, too tightly as Venus in Libra tends to and as this aspect heralds in the Full Moon on 4th November, letting go could be imminent.

Serious Saturn in Sagittarius makes an exact trine with Uranus (crazy) within hours of the Full Moon; so close in fact as to be part of the conundrum. Saturn likes to slow things down whilst Uranus in Aries is unstable and faster than lightening.  Although they have opposing trajectories, the pair are playing a duet here that will bring about new developments in long held plans – things will start to evolve much faster when these two meet providing potential answers to the puzzle.  Saturn has been painfully squaring Chiron in vulnerable Pisces for a while, in hard core negotiations about things that matter, things that often feel painful and vulnerable.  It hasn’t been easy and this fresh Uranian air will be blasting in through to the 14th November and giving welcome propositions to tackle any issues and stop situations getting too morbid.

Love The One You Are With

Whilst these polarities are being contended, Lilith, the cosmic feminist moves into Capricorn on 8th November for 9 months and lends some authority and proper planning to the darker feminine psyche.  Bad news for corporate big guns aiming to restrict the feminine.  Good news for female issues needing some gravitas (such as the #metoo campaign), which can move on a pace with new legislation and support. This re-negotiation of the rules between the sexes and around relationships is going to gather pace as  asteroid Juno the marriage broker, has been moving closer and closer to Pluto in ultra conservative Capricorn, representing age old power and authoritarian rulership.  Juno and Pluto are close all month but become exact on 10th – 14th November at 17’, so it is no coincidence that Australia has been raging a war on who can even get married – the same sex marriage debate is a brilliant example of what this aspect represents and similar style negotiations could be going on in your own life – a potential re-write of the accepted rules that are just not relevant anymore.

At the same time and adding weight to the relationship discourse, Venus, planet of love and values meets up with Jupiter (expansion and abundance) at 7’ Scorpio, to get to the darkest truth of what we hold dear, who do we love and what do we desire, ultimately.  Speak now, or forever hold your peace.  This is the perfect opportunity to examine why we feel the way we do about someone or something and since this is Jupiter who works towards our higher learning, in Scorpio who is all about the long term evolution and transformation, we can learn from our own analysis of this inner emotional landscape.

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

If there are raging debates going on in your life, it would be best to wait till the New Moon on 18th November at 26’ Scorpio since New Moons are the best time to start fresh at something.  Scorpio Moons don’t lie and the emotions here run deep with its trine to the core wound of Chiron.  Yes this could be painful and no, you may not want to do this, but it’s time to press go.

By the time the Sun moves into Sagittarius on 22nd November, we will be needing the more relaxed idealism the sign of the centaur represents.  Scorpio season’s intensity has been more full on than most years but blessings are at hand when Jupiter edges closer to a magical trine with mystical planet Neptune in artistic Pisces at the end of the month.  Neptune lends his serendipity to Jupiter’s abundance and the two, in flow like this can bring about the most marvellous magic.  It is more of the Pandora’s Box, but this one is a treasure worth opening.

VenusAndVesta looks at the planetary movements from the point of view of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty who teaches us how to open our hearts and learn of love in all its aspects and Vesta, the highly respected priestess who guides us on our evolutionary journey.  Her monthly musings are designed to shed light on the month’s key moments, but if you’d like more information or regular planetary aspects her Instagram feed is @VenusAndVesta

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