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Once upon a time, not so long ago, politicians consulted astrologers and sages before making any major tactical moves in their games of power and manipulation and now, they don’t. This is obvious. Brexit and Trump winning last year were the certain outcome of two intense aspects set to create major change in 2016 and beyond. And this year, May (the month, not the UK Prime Minister) elicits reverberations of these same winds of change ready to fire up the brave new world.

Uranus has been the main culprit for these dynamic curve balls, and now this gigantic force of untamed electricity and change is back sitting on the Brexit point of last year, right next to asteroid Eris, also known as Strife. These two are game changers and war mongers when combined (as they were in 2016) and in the first week of May, they are joined by Mercury who retrogrades back to join their parlay and whose presence is the tinder box for planetary dynamite.

Mercury also likes change and fresh ideas and stationing here, all week and through the French presidential elections, is the catalyst for the people’s will to be heard – yes, there will be shouting! This is happening in Aries after all, who demands we force our will and cast our vote, whilst Uranus works for humanity and draws the collective into his perfect storm.

It is a perfect storm, so if any new direction in your life (since this is happening personally and globally) doesn’t feel right, know that this is a lesson and more changes are afoot. Late born (third decan) Aries (also Leo and Sag) or anyone with planets or angles here will be in the eye of the storm but will be familiar with the themes, as of last year, but this time around, a fresh set of circumstances or characters, won’t necessarily make it easier. These aspects are the wild card bringing in new ideas and inspiring humanity to new levels of idealism, even if we seem to be going backwards, the direction is still onwards and upwards.

The Full Moon on 10th May (UTC) in Scorpio highlights just this. Our need to look at the shadow, unearth the secrets and feel the pain, in order to manifest something real and honest. Not by coincidence, the North Node which is always facing the future, moves into Leo at the exact fullness of the Moon; the cosmos DOES work together. Where the North Node has been in Virgo for 18months, nit picking, analysing, yet planting seeds as to where we might be heading; in Leo, we can now reap some of those benefits. The Full Moon along with the switch into Leo will allow our world leaders to create a more wholesome vison board and maybe more elaborate and creative with their truth, yet the future will look brighter or easier for the next year and a half with this aspect.

Venus doesn’t leave her shadow zone of the recent retrograde until, 19th May, yet there may be relationship dramas continuing throughout the month. Juno the asteroid marriage broker has been slowly catching up with Pluto, the dark Lord and underworld power broker. No wonder new relationships are being forged on the world political stage, but for us all personally and especially mid-born Caps and earth signs Juno’s arrival here could herald, not only new connections and contracts but long term developments that forge empires of the future. Now that Venus by her retrograde action has cleared out the old alliances, these new allies will start appearing now and right through to November and December when Juno finally conjuncts and crosses Pluto. These contracts won’t be sealed without a Pluto style struggle where the outcome balances on crucial understanding and breakthroughs.

Mars has been slowly working his way through Gemini giving us all the gift of the gab and the clarity of mind to tell our story, thankfully. In this sea of turbulent change, Mars is firing off ideas and explanations and will spend the latter part of the month in pole position opposite Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius and two more opposing forces could not be imagined. Saturn’s retrograde action lasts until the end of August which is a long time to be taking a moral long view on certain situations and sorting which side we are to align with. Mars here in Gemini is the devil who chats, the niggle that won’t let you sleep, the nerves that keep firing and air signs, especially Gemini, will love this fresh impetus of scheming and strategy. So whatever dilemma you might be ruminating on, Mars isn’t going to let this sleeping giant of a decision lie – and throughout the end of May will be giving you all the back chat and strategy to win the next phase in your own Game Of Thrones.

VenusAndVesta looks at the planetary movements from the point of view of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty who teaches us how to open our hearts and learn of love in all its aspects and Vesta, the highly respected priestess who helps us on our evolutionary journey. Her monthly musings are designed to shed light on the month’s key moments, but if you’d like more information or regular planetary aspects her Instagram feed is @VenusAndVesta

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