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Bulls are born in May, but you won’t have to be a Taurus to feel the earthiness and sensuality of our lovely stubborn friends this month.  Taurus will be hosting much of big scale the planetary action in May which will affect us all, bull, lion, fish or scorpion.  Change is coming…

Bulls Are Magic

Bulls are usually steady, reliable, and sensually, ‘of the earth’, they really do feel things, which makes them marvellous manifestors, with creative abilities and artistic tastes.  And straight away in the first week of May, the Sun in Taurus, enhances the bull’s powers with a fantastic connection to Neptune in Pisces.  The watery and mystical Neptune, can no doubt bring forth some real magic whilst working with Taurus.  The manifesting abilities of this combination are very real and unlike those ‘careful what you wish for’ magical gifts, this one is more about feeling like you already have whatever you want, just like the Law of Attraction states.  Bulls are all about the feels, so try this one out, as luck is on our side, since Venus who rules Taurus is also making a connection to Neptune.  Venus in fun-loving Gemini is at her most inspiring and flirtatious and totally receptive to the open door of opportunity that Neptune here represents – this combination increases the chances of much serendipity and laughter all week (if not love and romance). 

Out Of The Darkness

To add to this fantastic start to May, the Sun is also opposing Jupiter Retrograde, travelling backwards through Scorpio.  Jupiter’s lengthy retrograde might be asking a few people to take a longer look at themselves and forcing many to deal with issues that would otherwise remain hidden, so the Sun’s presence here with such inspiring aspects to other planets, is a reminder that out of the darkness, comes light, and there is a reason for whatever hardships we endure.

Mars Lights Up The Eclipse

Just as well.  On the 11th May, Mars enters the shadow zone of his up-coming retrograde through Aquarius and Capricorn.  Mars Retrogrades are not easy (remember Brexit) and as Mars squares both Mercury and Uranus at this point, we should look around and note what hand grenades are being thrown into any situation – the fall-out from this week could last months.  As Mars’s position is connected to last year’s Great American Eclipse and key points of the POTUS’ natal chart - it may be worth taking ring side seats for what is to play out for this retrograde which will last until the Autumn.

New Moon, New Era

The Taurus New Moon on 15th May enhances and continues the bountiful opportunities, but this earthy energy does mean we have to work for what we want - get up, go out and put plans into action.  The more we act like the bulls, hard-working and reliable, the more success will come along with this New Moon.  Results may be tangible straight away, as Uranus, planet of change and surprises joins the bull party within 24 hours of the lunar event and enters Taurus for the first time since WWII.  Uranus brings huge surges of electrifying energy to planet earth in this position and you can see what havoc he reeked on his last sojourn through Taurus, not least the atom bomb and worldwide almighty chaos.  In the digital age, we can expect Uranus to highlight the damage radiation from our phones and computers causes to the human body as an example of Uranus’ dynamic action.  A slow moving planet like Uranus, switching signs is big news with far reaching effects – and as Uranus moves into Taurus on a Taurus New Moon, we can expect explosions on planet earth that could rock mankind.  An exciting new era begins, right now in mid-May.

Mars’s Master Plan

As the Sun enters Gemini a few days later from 21st May, the solar body immediately makes a connection with war hero Mars in early Aquarius.  Remember Mars is in the shadow zone here, and with the Sun’s help will be picking up details and strategy to play out on the return journey.  Who needs the added complications these two, in their respective air signs, can dream up?  This could get complicated.  Maybe this is a master-stroke being devised under our eyes, but instead will feel like a fast paced three cup shuffle game of subterfuge and manipulation.  Watch carefully and take notes, the Grand Water Trine developing on the horizon through to the end of the month, may feel emotionally overwhelming, but what you learn from these Mars & Gemini tricks will hold you in good stead.  We end the month with an honest and brave Sag Full Moon where any skulduggery will be called out for what it is and, thanks to the brave centaurs, justice will prevail.

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