March Stars by Venus & Vesta

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So far this year, we have had Super Moon, Blood Moons, Eclipses and also APDM which is All Planets in Direct Motion.  This is the superhighway where things happen fast, so it is no wonder that 2018 has kicked off in a bewildering spin of activity and emotions (lucky you if it hasn’t).  Things are going to continue at this pace, so let’s see what is driving this whirlitzer of a month.

Rare Second Blood Moon in 2018

March is another month this year with two Full Moons, the rare second in any month is called the Blood Moon, but this first one on the 2nd March in practical and efficient Virgo, has us sorting out what to do, where to go and who has to go, amid the mayhem caused by Neptune.  This gaseous giant is the planet of magic and mystery, but also of lost souls and lost causes, and in Pisces, a sign that easily gets lost, is doubly full of wonderment and the uknown.  Neptune’s heady influence could be the undoing of anything this Virgo Full Moon wants to achieve as the Sun then conjuncts Neptune exactly in the week beyond the lunation and the bewildering effect of this can cause plans to come undone and hopes to be dashed, yet also helping create new visions from the old – it’s these that we want to keep hold of.   

Dark Secrets In The Spotlight

If Neptune has you spinning, just wait till Jupiter, planet of expansion, turns retrograde on 9th March, ending this fertile period of APDM.  As Jupiter, planet of abundance is the first planet to turn, its expansive themes will be emphasised and mark the whole period until July or the next APDM (in Jan 2019).   And being in Scorpio, the theme will definitely have a sexual tone where the dark secrets Jupiter in Scorpio has already uncovered, will be put under the spotlight for examination and a deeper understanding of their provenance and pervasiveness.

Jupiter entered Scorpio as the Weinstein debacle became front page news and has been gathering momentum with the #metoo and #timesup campaign, and as Jupiter retraces his steps, we can and will open up deeper and darker truths within this scenario or others of a similar nature.  Jupiter’s retrograde area connects with both Chiron in Pisces, which is where the victim’s pain and suffering comes in and will potentially be laid bare via any court cases that appear, plus Neptune (also in Pisces), who will demonstrate how profound yet subtle, sexual coercion is, within professional  organisations. 

We All Need A Hero

Masculine planet Mars in late Sagittarius is our honest hero to save the day when he works with Uranus in late Aries from 11th March to really make things happen in a much more dynamic and mindful way.  This is a great start to the week and these two in their respective fire signs could, surprisingly be the resolution we need, even if their bright ideas appear totally out of the blue and out of whack.  If we can keep aware of the Sag style higher learning in what is going on around us and keep the fiery pace going, the New Moon in late Pisces on 17th March could prove to be creative and fruitful.  Chiron, the wounded healer and figure of redemption is connected to this Pisces New Moon adding deep insight into what ails us and how we bring about our own lessons in life, even those that feel like self-sabotage.  The New Moon which is the Sun and Moon together, plus Chiron, are connected to the Jupiter Retrograde providing the empathy and maybe even personal memories to darker matters that we have been connected to.  Whilst this may feel emotionally overwhelming, Mars’s entry into Capricorn a day later can help bring the focus back to the business end and clarify what proper logistics are needed to get through life’s trials.

Mercury Goes AWOL

We are going to need this Mars in Cap efficiency as Mercury planet of words and communication, turns retrograde on 23rd March and as much as this has become a dreaded thing, it does mean we have to sort out our stuff – and as this is Aries, ruler of the self and the head, it means our own personal ‘stuff’.   There is never a better time to contemplate Gandhi’s saying, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”  This sums up the Mercury Retrograde in mid Aries – be careful what you wish for.

Corporate Responsibility Squeeze

From the 25th March, whilst Mercury is MIA, the Sun in bullish Aries, makes a harsh square to Saturn, ruler of institutions, big banks, hierarches and even countries who will have the corporate responsibility (or lack thereof) squeezed out of them.  Saturn does knock things down and restricts activity, but only in order to re-build and to create a better world.  With Mars aligning with Saturn in this aspect, and Mercury Retrograde joining the Sun, we might expect the halls of power to be tumbling as ‘the people’ or even ‘a person’ makes their move to expose the ‘legal but not moral’ actions done in our name.

Get Out Of Jail Free Card

The Libra Full Moon, Blood Moon of March on 31st, forms a T-square with Mars & Saturn (the ‘ruling’ corporates) at the centre and Sun Mercury (the people/social media) on the other side.  Any T-square is going to demand decisive action when one of the planets moves on, yet the Moon’s fleeting presence here in harmonious Libra, is able to emotionally manipulate any situation and give a reasonable resolution that could be the ‘get out jail free’ card.  If you find yourself in any difficult place, the Full Moon is in Libra, ruled by Venus, which brings with it a whole lot of brotherly love, so use its beauty, kindness and care to get your way, the most fair way and remember Gandhi’s mantra.
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