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June Is A Diamond Month

There is a strong male versus female dynamic going on through June, but not in the traditional sense of the battle of the sexes.  There are opposing forces inviting us to at once be mindful of where our hearts are at and then also take decisive action and create structure in our lives.   Mars Retrograde in Aquarius begins right in the last days of the month and starts a summer long campaign to reorganise our way of thinking and with that, potentially show us fascinating new ideals – the diamonds in the rough.

 Motion and E-motion in June’s First Week

If you think beauty and love planet, Venus, in mother’s love sign Cancer, sounds like something you could handle a cosy close-up with, you would be right, but if only life were that simple… Venus travelling through Cancer is normally loving and docile, if a little shy, yet in the first week of June, she is the tail of a grand kite aspect meaning things are going to fly, they have the wind beneath them and are in full flight and motion, with much e-motion.  Venus in Cancer is the flying tail but at the head of the kite, the direction, is the strident feminist asteroid Lilith, who fights for every unfair injustice (#metoo was her doing) and Pluto, the power broker, both in heavy duty Capricorn.  The combination of these two have been giving meaningful action to every suppressed feminine cause from abused actresses and gymnastic teams to freedom of choice for women in Ireland, so you can see that they do work fantastically well together. 

Get Stuff Done Capricorn Style

Because these very serious authoritarian powers (by nature of Cap) are working in the favour of anyone who has felt maligned or disadvantaged, the question is, what could they be doing in your own life that gives you the same concrete empowerment, taking you from disillusioned and disheartened to feeling fantastic and goal orientated.  Having a goal and a structure is key to this – you have to have a Capricorn style plan to take advantage of this favourable wind and ‘get stuff done’. 

Cap’s decisive action that has recently taken down hidden abuse and outright suppression is working throughout the whole of June, but the first week is particularly emotive and potentially overwhelming due to the Moon adding its weight to key points of this kite aspect.  Venus (and later in the month, Mercury) at the tail of this kite is the driving force, so yes, the caring, loving, heartfelt values of motherhood and the home, your house and living or working arrangements are where to start with your own debates or decisions about forging ahead to create changes with this dynamic thrust of energy.

Make Your Mind Up Moon

The Gemini New Moon on 13th June is a welcome chance to really express the emotions that may have been building up from the previous week and perhaps this is crunch time for any major decisions.  Other aspects around the lead up to this New Moon give it extra power, so this is a good time to express what is on your mind, be open to new ideas, think of new ways around problems, and then make your mind up, least you should have it made up for you. 

Love Yourself First

Venus does step out of this kite formation, but only to be replaced by Mercury and then the Sun, so there is no let up in the pace of action throughout June but the reasons for it may change from your emotional standpoint to more practical logistical ones with these planets’ progress.  Venus joins the North Node, the destiny point in Leo from 14th June for two intense weeks to bring attention to all the self dominion and self-love that needs to be embodied, yet her meeting here, opposes a strategic Mars in Aquarius, who is complicating matters, so where you might want to make your point and feel you have every right to, there are issues in the way, that need to be dealt with.  These are new complications around the concept of what you want in life and how you see that panning out – are you doing the right thing even, does this work for everybody?  Venus says suit yourself, but the on-going Mars in Aquarius progress won’t make it easy for quite a while, but be patient, there is strategy at play that will become apparent by the end of the summer.

Sign Up To The Fast Pace

A week later from 21st, the Sun moves into Cancer and starts to oppose Saturn in Capricorn and this move is crucial in the build up to the Cap Full Moon as Saturn, currently in retrograde, is the master planner who insists on taking a step back and doing things properly and often the hard way which can be restrictive and exhausting.  The Sun, our vital force, in softer Cancer mode is now opposing such heavy handed modus operandi and we will be feeling, working out, how to go softly and gently when all else seems to be on an express train.  The fast moving pace of June is by now revealing our vulnerabilities as much as the Sun in Cancer here is emphasising our uncertainty at how to proceed – how water-tight was that plan?  Several oppositions involving the Moon, asteroids and planets that weekend (Fri 22nd to Sun 24th) do not help, by posing more questions as eventually the Capricorn Full Moon conjunct Saturn R will take these situations to the edge with an authoritarian and structured approach that perhaps we were all hoping to avoid.  Now we have to appear at least to sign the forms, read the small print and be properly insured as we go with the big banks and corporates.  Just sign up, just do it for now.

If I Were A Boy

This Full Moon on 28th June wants to take charge due to its host Capricorn and the conjunction with karmic duty led Saturn Retrograde.  This heavy weight approach is certainly oppressive and may seem chronically, embarrassingly didactic, especially since Mars in Aquarius has chosen the lunar event to go AWOL.  What a time and place to turn around (also with an inconjunct to the Sun).  Mars, our force of will and masculine dynamic (whether girl or boy), will now be retrograding throughout the summer and invites, no, challenges the male status quo to be updated.  Obviously the question about a new masculinity and all the various forms of sexual identity have been going on for a few years, spurred by the feminine evolution in parts, but now it takes a fascinating turn as the Aquarian nature wants to explore how this might turn out, how men or the masculine, want to be and how we / they want to be treated or behave.  We won’t just be watching several humanitarian court cases and media dramas about fluid sexual identity and evolving sexual equality issues, but also finding some of these appearing in our own lives as friends and foe grasp on to some of the ideas being explored. 

Go With The ‘No Flow’

Mars Retrograde often comes with a time in the doldrums as we lose our vitality and drive, but without the energy to multi-task or fight, all extra or excess baggage has to fall away, then, what is really important to us is often revealed  s the key issue we give our attention and force to.  We thereby discover a diamond of our own making, a special gem that lights the way; it was hiding right in front of us all along.

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