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June is like a mackerel sky, not long wet, not long dry.  The changeable nature of ‘facts’ is about to intensify, and then the emotional outrage that follows will create a stormy month and uncertain outlook.  Keep your cards close to your chest and a brolly handy.

A New Moon And New Game Of Cards

The Gemini New Moon in June is always a chance to bring fresh thinking to old problems, make new friends and learn something new.   So far, so good.  However, this June 2nd, the new ideas, generated by the twins are going to be extra crazy, a little bit wild and maybe veering wide of the current ‘truth’. In this, there is grand scale opportunity to develop a whole new way of thinking about a particular problem or about life, as well as immense creativity as to how to play your next cards. Whilst this can be extremely helpful, and will be, if you allow, not everyone is going to be open to these new ‘truths’ or the way you now view things.  This New Moon squares the mists of Neptune in Pisces, providing a shade of illusion, or is it delusion.  It also opposes Jupiter Retrograde, who is digging deep into his pockets looking for the explanation, the higher truth, and in this search, may come away finding something unexpected and far more challenging.  Even with your sparkling new information, keep your poker face during this week as Mercury is also in Gemini, his home sign, and at play in this lunar set up, adding further layers and nuance to complicate any story and this game is moving fast, you don’t want to show your cards just yet.

New Direction For The Heart

Venus joins the Sun in Gemini on 9thJune and suddenly we are not just dealing with facts, emotions rear their head and it’s just as well.  The North Node destiny point is in Cancer and has been highly active lately, inviting us to consider the emotional landscape of our endeavours. Whilst last week’s Gemini New Moon was re-jiggling the facts, the North Node now meets up with Mars and this forces more sentimental and empathetic feelings to the surface.  We can no longer keep ‘poker face’ around our true feelings, as our heart’s desire becomes obvious.  Even if we were not clear about what we feel, want or care about, something in the water this week, will make it abundantly clear.

A Mother’s Business

This new heartfelt attitude becomes stronger and more certain around 14thJune as Mercury joins both the North Node and Mars.  This powerful trio, in the mothering sign of Cancer, have to fight for their tribe due to the opposition to Saturn and Pluto, both in retrograde, who are busy deconstructing the corporate and political world.  The Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn ‘business’ side, really are falling apart as we can see in politics right now, but this may be played out in many other formal structures or authoritarian roles in our personal lives too.  This patriarchal mindset, or old fashioned, rational thinking way, isn’t going to cut it anymore, but these guys are not going to give up for another six months or more.  In the meantime we have this battle, which is at fever pitch in mid-June, as the traditional ways die off because the more empathetic and more feminine ideas, associated with Cancer (and brought to life by the clash of Mercury, Mars and the North Node), are taking hold.

The Tables Turn Once More

Something will be revealed on the Sagittarian Full Moon of 16th/17thJune to make fools of men and a mockery of the shambles they have created.  The Full Moon is conjunct Jupiter Retrograde who expands everything it touches, good or bad.  Jupiter Rx is exactly square to misty Neptune and now opposite Venus in Gemini. We may have been deluded by our delusion or even enjoyed our new set of circumstances earlier in the month, but now on 22nd, the confusion gets serious as Neptune takes a turn to travel retrograde.  As Neptune changes direction with exact aspects to Jupiter Rx and Venus, we can be damn well sure there will be a dramatic change of hearts and minds as the tables turn in unexpected ways.  We did not expect this to happen.  But again there is opportunity to make the most of these new set of rules and create something different again…as one door closes… you know how the saying goes.  I want to emphasise that as confusing and disruptive as this sounds, there will be delights to uncover if you let go of expectations.

Brightly Lit Doorways Ahead

Mars and Mercury work their way through Cancer together, causing storm after cyclone after more wet weather until 27th.  These two can be thunderous together and in emotionally ruled Cancer, they are sure to huff and puff and blow the house down.  We are not in for an easy ride as Mercury is now in the shadow zone (of the upcoming retrograde), so these complexities are not to be settled yet, due to a process, set to run through to July.  If you need to be released from a situation, or are looking for a new one, there are so many brightly lit doors to walk through as the weather, the mood and the facts all take on a malleable form.

The Mother Of A Solar Eclipse

In the last days of June, from 25ththrough to 30th, the Sun now in Cancer, squares Chiron in Aries, our original wound, and by this we are invited to lance the pain of previous situations once and for all.  We may have worked with Chiron’s personal hurts before and had a good cry, but this time around, it stimulates our more sympathetic nature and we simply have to take more care of ourselves (and the planet).  By developing a deep caring attitude, we prepare ourselves for the Cancer Solar Eclipse that follows on 2ndJuly that is sure to bring out our mothering side.

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