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July is indeed the hottest month this year, bringing tropical style thunder and lightning to change the outlook in incredible and exciting ways, with not one but two eclipses, which represent an emotional, then a mental reset button respectively.  The power of these eclipses can pan out for the next six months and the best action is to go with their almighty flow – resistance is futile, if not downright painful.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

If you’re feeling the tension of a cat on a hot tin roof in the first week of July, blame the cosmos not the heat, as key planetary bodies form a complicated T-square; the universe’s way of bringing our attention to a situation, yet not providing the answers.  Mars Retrograde in Aquarius is the indecision and inner anguish of the masculine aspect, where the usual male bravado is curtailed (just look at Messi and Ronaldo as examples of this in World Cup Football right now).   As the Moon joins this Mars Retrograde on July’s first weekend we will recognise symptoms of the man cave – ‘he’ has gone to sulk and just isn’t coming out of there.  However, in opposition to this, the North Node is joined by Mercury in brave-hearted Leo and these guys want to talk about where this relationship is going; they need information and heart felt honesty.  Have the traditional male / female roles swapped sides?

Thunder And Lightning

This already transposed or confused situation has a spanner in the works in the form of change-maker Uranus in an electrifying square to this opposition.  Uranus is the flash of inspiration, if not lightning that can upset the apple cart and start things going in the other direction, are you ready?  To increase this paradoxical twist even more, Juno, the marriage broker and partnership asteroid steps into Taurus to join Uranus and from 1st July onwards, a sizzling energy thrills or kills relationships and partnerships.  This is a major renegotiation whilst the male drive is diverted and distracted, and the female aspect is given the platform to voice her desires and basically drive the car.  Saudi women now in the driving seat as well as the on-going dissection of gender and dissolution of its duality to make way for transgender, is a perfect example of how this plays out on the global stage.  On a more personal level, you may find out what you really really(!!) want by playing things a little differently; the quirky dynamics going on all month maybe the spark that lights a burnt out fire or draws in new people and new love.

Out Of Darkness Comes Opportunity

If this sounds way too de-stabilising, do not fear, opportunities are on their way.  Even if you have been wresting with a few dark nights of the soul, struggling with power games and secrets laid bare, on 10th July, Jupiter, planet of abundance in dark shadow Scorpio goes direct and all the internal wrangling from the last few months start to clear.  Now you get the explanations you have been needing and can move forward in a manner more relevant, suitable and beneficial to your situation.  This is what you have been working towards and waiting for since either December when Scorpio went into shadow or February when Scorpio retrograded.

Wherever I Lay My Hat, That’s My Home

We can thank our lucky stars that Jupiter is now in giving mode, in direct motion for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on 13th July because we want to make the most of this loving and caring energy the homely crab brings, don’t we?  This Cancer eclipse is an emotional reset button where your emotional north star and where you lay your hat, could change in quite a dramatic way.  Any eclipse has six months to play out and as this solar event is opposite power player Pluto, it may herald a dramatic shift in emotional priorities if not soon, definitely by the end of the year.  Cancer feels things keenly and likes to move in a more subversive fashion and not be forced by something or someone as heavy and intense as Pluto in Capricorn.   This will be emotionally draining wherever it sits in your chart but by seeing the necessary growth and evolution in these changes, you might also see the huge benefits.

When The Moon Is In The Seventh House

The gender or male ‘crisis’ needs some work and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on 27th July is a spotlight on these issues and any other Mars style decisions you may be having, since the eclipse is conjunct Mars Retrograde.  “Kick me whilst I am down, why don’t you?” the moon seems to be saying.  Mars is all the action, clarity, drive and leadership we have in life and without its full power we have to dig deeper to create the life we want, so we have probably had enough of this lack of commitment and flow by now.  Yet here we are, our choices taken away and what we were considering now seems ridiculous (as with anything Aquarian).  This lunar eclipse is forcing a major re-think of the situation and a mental re-set of our own and humanity's ideals making way for new empathetic and higher thought forms.  The Age of Aquarius takes another step nearer, this is its dawning.

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