January Stars by Venus & Vesta

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Good news all around that 2018 starts with some incredibly beneficial planetary aspects that are going to keep giving well into March.  It’s not often that so many cosmic blessings come one after the other, but the dualistic concept of good and bad does not exist in astrology as it is all deemed to be ‘good’ or ‘for your good’, whether it be an agonising lesson or Jupiterian abundance in your lap.  Going with this concept of good, January’s aspects are going to be hugely beneficial across the board and everyone will get a piece of the positivity, since January starts with Uranus going forward and thereby bringing All Planets into Direct Motion (APDM).  APDM happens a few times a year but hardly for more than a week at each time, but now, the planets are all moving forward until the second week of March which is the longest time ever for such a strong flow to sweep across earth with no delays or inner reflection to slow things down.  We are going to sail through any New Year’s resolutions and actually create exciting events and some new habits.

Crazy New Beginnings

The last planet to turn direct sets the tone of the APDM and so Uranus, planet of change and the unexpected will be driving this crazy bus which doesn’t appear to have a destination or a map.  Unprecedented change is on the cards and since Uranus is in Aries, representing the head, the child, the individual and new beginnings, each person will have some input into birthing new ideas throughout this period and I think we are more than ready.  The Full Moon at 11’ Cancer on the night of New Year’s Day is the intensely emotional charge to set this bus in motion.  The Sun in Capricorn (in opposition to the Full Moon) will be highlighting more practical strategies to take and has the help of Venus to increase the value of a more rational argument that Capricorns always provide and unusually for a Full Moon, are likely to win the argument and cause some upsets.

Careful What You Wish For

The emotional stakes remain high in the first week of January as Mars, God of War, gets closer to Jupiter, the planet of abundance and ‘good things’.  Mars here in Scorpio adds absolute clarity and certainty to our deepest desires and shadow side, and with Jupiter who expands everything, can bring about exactly what we daren’t even wish for – the positioning at 17’ and 18’ Scorpio knows what we want and need, even if we don’t and throughout the first two weeks of 2018 and exact on 6th to 8th January our darkest dreams can be realised.

The Kingdom Is Yours If You Want It

As Mars and Jupiter open the Pandora’s box of the Scorpion’s shadow, they form a brilliant aspect with one of the cosmos’ super charged blessings as the Sun and Venus conjunct with Pluto the dark lord himself, which aspects at the same time but becomes exact on 8th and 9th of January at 19’ Capricorn.  Pluto in a conjunction adds major power to any planets and when Venus conjuncts the Sun, she goes ‘cazimi’ meaning Venus, the planet of love has the extra power of the Sun.  This means the sum of these planets is much greater than the parts and as they are in aspect to the Mars Jupiter combo, the beginning of January is acting like a doorway into your own personal throne room.  The kingdom is ours, although some of us might find it easier to stay in the comfort zone of our living room.  It would be better to go with this incredible flow since Capricorn is the master builder and the boss and he has decided what’s best and what comes next.

Manifesting Magic

Capricorns do know how to get things done and it is a cosmic blessing that the Cap New Moon at 26’ is in January to help the New Year get on its way.  This New Moon on 17th January is conjunct Venus and continues the manifesting magic if we are prepared to plan ahead and commit to some hard work – this is the best time to organise everything and anything for the year and whatever you plan has a highly increased chance of working due to Capricorn’s ‘building’ nature, the creative energy of the New Moon and the direct flow of all the planets.

Follow Your North Star

The North Node is an axis point that denotes points of destiny or the future.  When the North Node is in play, we know that karmic destiny is about to be played out and throughout January, this is the case.  The North Node will be conjunct Ceres the corn Goddess at 15’ then 14’ Leo and essentially together all month long.  Ceres is concerned with what nourishes us, be that corn (food) or knowledge and in Leo with the North Node, they demand that we take responsibility for what we are consuming since this will have a huge effect on our futures.  From the 18th of January the two are in opposition to Juno (the marriage broker) in Aquarius who will be highlighting aspects of long term relationships where too much or not enough freedom has been given, so space and boundary lines will need to be re-negotiated and re-drawn in order to provide support and nourishment to all involved.

Lunar Eclipse and Blue Moon

These boundary and supportive concerns within relationships remain active for the eclipsed Full Moon on 31st January and for the next six months. This is the second Full Moon of January, making it a Blue Moon as well as a Lunar Eclipse, taking place at 11’ Leo.  Whilst the Moon is conjunct Ceres for the eclipse (and less so the North Node) in Leo, it forces us to ask whether we are being satisfied and this will be an important question.  However the Sun in the Lunar Eclipse is conjunct Venus (love and values) and Juno (relationships) in Aquarius and will be waving the flag for personal freedom and expression, so this is the point where you put yourself first, despite the needs of others and use the oxygen mask analogy of helping yourself first in order to help others, to justify ruling your own domain and becoming King or Queen at last.

VenusAndVesta looks at the planetary movements from the point of view of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty who teaches us how to open our hearts and learn of love in all its aspects and Vesta, the highly respected priestess who guides us on our evolutionary journey.  Her monthly musings are designed to shed light on the month’s key moments, but if you’d like more information or regular planetary aspects her Instagram feed is @VenusAndVesta

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