February Stars by Venus & Vesta

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Eclipses act like cosmic doorways for humanity to walk through.  The idea being, that when the benevolent guiding light from the Sun is blocked, we are left to our own earthly devices, whatever they may be, and when the Moon is hidden from the Sun’s rays completely, the more shadowy aspects of man and his sub-conscious is allowed to escape and take form.  Be careful what you wish for, the Lunar Eclipse is sure to bring it. 

The Future Is Free

And so February begins one day after the Leo Lunar Eclipse and immediately questions are asked as the focus moves to the opposite sign on this Lunar Solar Full Moon axis, Aquarius who is always asking questions.  We felt like we had this sorted, so this is unsettling, not least because Venus representing our hearts and values, has crept up to make a pairing with asteroid Juno, the marriage broker by the weekend of 3rd February.  Here in Aquarius, the two want to create new ideas and potentially off beat possibilities about how relationships could be in the future.  Aquarius is about the future, but also about freedom and since Jupiter is square to this pairing, it seems not everyone is ready to break free and live on a commune – or at least, not for the reasons being presented which may be painful but ultimately crucial to the debate (due to Jupiter’s placing in Scorpio).  This could be moving way too fast.

This square between these planetary bodies continues into next week and as usual with Aquarius, the outcome isn’t obvious or resolved easily and by Wednesday 7th February the Moon has moved to join expansive Jupiter and intense feelings could overwhelm.  If this is too much for you, the exit valve is Venus’s sextile connection with Uranus in Aries who isn’t up for faffing around and is often the cause of dear little Venus having an unexpected change of heart.  

Juno And The Solar Eclipse

And change she might do as Venus moves ahead into the emotional seas of Pisces just in time for Valentine’s Day, where romance becomes more likely, and Juno (and the focus on long term relationships of all kinds but particularly committed love matches), remains in key aspect for the Solar Eclipse on 15th February.   Valentine’s feels like a relationship re-boot as Mercury also joins Juno and entwined like this with the eclipsed Moon and Sun, they make a recipe for a new style relationship that may be committed but will have inbuilt Aquarian freedom.  Whilst this may not sound like the perfect lover, it is good for business and commercial relationships.

Mercury stays close to the Sun through the following weekend of 17th, bringing the opportunity for totally open and honest conversations where it is possible to say the most outrageous things but still stay good friends or colleagues.  The inventive potential for the breakthrough concept is off the scale, so keep working all weekend and say whatever is on your mind.

Who Will Save Venus?

By 21st of February, Mercury and the Sun have joined Venus in Pisces, upping the emotional ante, where it may have been missing before – yes, let’s not forget our hearts in all of this talk of freedom.  However, as Venus meets Neptune, the futuristic ideas of freedom may turn to regret as vulnerable Piscean fears rise to the surface, wondering whether all is but lost - this could get weepy.  Although Venus and Neptune can often be a creative pairing, Mars, now striding through Sagittarius, is striking them both with his sword of truth.  It pierces the higher meaning in all of this – they had forgotten what they are fighting for - a better world, where love and commitment are valued.  This wakes them (us) from their melancholic reverie and now with the addition of Mercury joining the group, we can end the month drawing on the major dose of artistic wonderment that five planets in Pisces can bring.

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