Love And Be Damned February Stars By Venus And Vesta

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February 2019 could turn out to be a game of musical chairs when it comes to affairs of the heart.  Venus provides the thrills, Mars supplies the thrust – love and be damned.   A partial new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius opens new exciting doors, Chiron sets us up for personal mastery and magnetic power moves by Pluto draws in exactly what we deeply desire. 

Give Love A Chance

Venus, ruler of our hearts and all things artistic and beautiful, has been highly active in the most adventurous way of late, dancing with fiery Mars and opening up opportunities for new money, new love and new romance.  So when she makes a connection with Uranus, the God of change on 2ndFebruary, the chances of finding a new love, or adding some zest to existing ones, are very strong and potentially overwhelming.

Love And Be Damned

Before you celebrate, remember that Venus is contrary and capricious, and in Sagittarius she won’t be bothered with the details of appropriateness or propriety, or whether there’s long-term significance.  Whilst her devil may care attitude, may sound startling, this fresh perspective is exactly what is required to move relationships along and bring about a more honest look at what is going on.  Also, the very next day, 3rdFeb, Venus’ brazen action challenges Chiron, the wounded healer, to recognise and understand any despair or desolation that may have been brooding in the shadows, unexpressed.  Love and be damned says Venus – these concerns and our vulnerability will always be exposed when the heart is open and Venus, Uranus and Chiron have the power to draw out the most closed of hearts.

Existential Technicolour Rainbow

This potential change in humour or renewal of values is just in time for the 4thFeb partial New Moon Solar Eclipse in mid-Aquarius, which in turn, is the trigger for a wildly new set of ideals to come forth in the way that the wayward water carrier likes to promote.  Not just ‘new’, highly futuristic and a little bit crazy too.  The Aquarian lunation paves the way for humanity to come together in a modern idealised way and what went before seems antiquated - even last year seems old-fashioned – it moves that fast.  This is another step to end binary and another door way opened for the full set of rainbow colours to exist in harmony.

Cuts Both Ways

On 12th, 13thFeb, the fire of Mars strikes a pose with the dynamo of Uranus on the last degree of wilful Aries.  This is the cut of the knife required for many to leave their old world and their old way of thinking.  It will be startling and outrageous, and it could also be immense fun for those involved AND those watching in the side lines.  It could be the decisive action required for Britain to leave Europe; it is that BIG a move.  More so, it also makes a connection with the point of the Great American Eclipse in August 2017 and thereby, breakthroughs could ricochet across the world, let alone the explosive connotations for anyone with planets or angles involved in this aspect.  Be prepared to move and be moved, change and be changed.

The Doctor In The House Is YOU

Despite these cracking cosmic moves, the main event for February is the entrance of Chiron, the wounded healer, into the sign of self-starter Aries on 18thFebruary – a move that initiates a whole new level of responsibility and action around our inner wounds.  Chiron stepping into Aries heralds a period of eight years where we get the chance to see ourselves as the perpetrator in various self-sabotage guises. The idea that, yes, I brought this on myself, and yes, the situations around me, mirror my self-belief totally, will be all pervasive.  We now get the chance to get a grip with what has ailed us, especially psychologically and mentally and to become our own doctors, which is especially good news for mental health as Aries does rule the head.  This has already been happening to some degree, but now accelerates and with this, psychiatric methods of care and cure will move forward to the relief of those needing more medical assistance, whilst for humanity in general, a greater understanding of how our mental state and even just our thoughts, create our life, will take hold like never before. 

A Flat Earth Was Once Truth

The Full Moon at 0’ Virgo on 19thFebruary, is helped by the thrust of Mars to highlight what we must do to move forward with all these dynamic changes - a piece of practical help in an uneasy rollercoaster ride.  Are the puritanical Virgo rules, a life saver or a sticking point to progress? There is a big quandary around this moon and it isn’t helped by Mercury (planet of communication), stepping into the shadow of an up-coming retrograde, at the same time as meeting Neptune, the planet of lies and deception, in the hazy waters of Pisces.  The Virgo moon in amongst these unreliable aspects, is making us dig for the truth, just as once we believed the world was flat, we now have to work out a new truth and a new plan, because the old one is totally out of date.

I Want Your Love

In the last week of February, we can perhaps forgive Venus (our hearts), for her forays into new territory earlier in the month.  Since then she has been moving through the more serious ground of Capricorn, meeting with Saturn on 18th(the time to make a commitment), and then on 23rdshe faces the darkness and magnetism that is Pluto.  The power play the two can generate together is enticing, bewitching and temptingly seductive too.  They oppose the destiny point of the North Node for their meeting, which creates a T-square with freedom loving Uranus. Their spellbinding union could be a bid to break with tradition, where the Gods work to provide you with exactly what you asked for.  Now is the time to decide.  Do you seriously and overwhelmingly want what you are in the middle of procuring?  Do you profoundly understand how your current actions will bring you your deepest desires? If the answer is yes, the universe will conspire to support you.  The revolution for you my friend, is here.

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