December Stars by Venus & Vesta

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December is a big month. Not just because of Christmas but major aspects are occurring which have far reaching consequences beyond the festive season. So much of the planetary activity in December pivots around Uranus, the planet of change whereby the Uranian flashes of inspiration and alarming curve balls he brings with him, will be coming at us all month in what could be a thrilling ride but exasperating journey where anything could happen, so hang on to your hats.

Mars Waves The Red Flags

Right from the first few days of December we have action. Mars who isn’t averse to a little change-making himself moves into the pole position opposite the main man, Uranus on 1st December and here they create fireworks. Mars in Libra is generally more manipulative and strategic when going about things, but his dynamism with Uranus in Aries in opposition is a red flag ready to combust. They hold our attention in a kind of tussle because they also form a T-square with Juno the marriage broker in Capricorn. This serious place for Juno highlights deeply committed marriages like the European Union (or your own long term agreements) yet it seems one of the parties wants to leave or at least, doesn’t respect the rules. These negotiations are going to get feisty but Mars moves on quickly though and by 9th December will have changed tactic to a less confrontational, but still quite powerful stand point where the tension doesn’t really ease up.

Moon For the Mainstream Media

It isn’t just Mars and Uranus that want change, quick witted and wilful Mercury will start to retrograde exactly as the Moon reaches its fullness on 3rd December which is in Mercury ruled Gemini. This mercurial emphasis represents all kinds of communication such as the internet and our media, who will be blasting out major news with this Full Moon, yet with the retrograde, won’t be in the mood to wait for explanations. Do not be surprised if you cannot tell truths from fake facts, especially since the Moon will be square to Neptune, the master of lies who will be feeding the media scrum and any conversations you might be having, with alternative facts, in order to rush things through or sell more papers.

The Truth Is Out There

Mercury chooses the spot at 29’ Sag, right next to Saturn, to start the retrograde journey and Mercury’s back and forth action follows Saturn’s recent path in the sign of the centaur since last January 2016 and even beyond (as Saturn entered Sag long before this). The two are working together in what can be a dynamic pairing with Mercury’s ebullience and ideas and Saturn’s considered maturity, in the sign of inspiration and truth – at last we have the truth! So this isn’t any usual Mercury Retrograde, it draws on a year’s experience and learning, because Sagittarius always wants us to learn. Mercury’s role here is to bring everyone up to speed with the new classifications of people, relationships, boundaries and behaviour so we can check that due diligence has been done and everyone got the memo.

Gold Star Days All Week

All the while, Mercury Retrograde is in favourable aspect to Uranus and as one is the higher form of the other, they bring almighty flashes of inspiration and incredible energy to each other from their respective fire signs which could be exciting but also wildly destabilising. Mercury backs into the Sun on 12th December in a cazimi aspect which highlights the genius mental power of the fleet footed one. What vital truths will be unveiled on this gold star day which is followed swiftly by Sun trine Uranus and Mercury R conjunct Venus on 15th December bringing another dazzling blast of super powered information, honesty and daring. The extremely lucky Sag New Moon on 18th draws all these themes of valued learning, destiny and truth together to bring about real change and a fresh start as this line up of planetary bodies (Sun, Moon, Mercury R, Venus, Pholus and Eros) are in trine to Uranus the change-maker. Like the gift that keeps on giving, these planets are showering us with unexpected solutions to the clues we were struggling with last week AND this past year.

Big Business For Capricorn

On the 20th December, Saturn finally moves into Capricorn, bringing with it a brand new set of issues to tear down, in order to build back up, in a better, stronger format. There is always a major event when Saturn changes signs and moving into the political and corporate arena of Cap will be no different. We can expect some kind of big politics or big business heads to role and Jupiter moving into Scorpio last month (and setting off the Weinstein horror / #metoo campaign) has given us a taster of what is to come. Eros who is cupid with the arrow of love and Lilith the feminist, both greet Saturn on his arrival in his own sign, further emphasising the theme of loves lost and feminine outrage that could be waiting for this oh so patriarchal of aspects.

Ain’t No Place For A Lady

Venus in her high minded Sag beauty, oversees Saturn’s move into Cap by her exact trine to Uranus which thereby empowers the feminine in this patriarchal landscape. She (or the feminine aspect) has a struggle on her hands as she steps into Capricorn too. This ain’t no place for a lady, but the Sun, Lilith and Eros are all lined up in early Cap with Saturn, throughout Christmas to propose that the roles we play as men and women, lovers and abusers, hunter and the hunted might need recalibrating. Who is going to be cooking Christmas lunch then?

VenusAndVesta looks at the planetary movements from the point of view of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty who teaches us how to open our hearts and learn of love in all its aspects and Vesta, the highly respected priestess who guides us on our evolutionary journey. Her monthly musings are designed to shed light on the month’s key moments, but if you’d like more information or regular planetary aspects her Instagram feed is @VenusAndVesta

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