April Stars by Venus & Vesta

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We are MASTER MANIFESTORS this month as Venus, lover of luxury and sensuality and things, actual objects you can touch, has all the help she can get from friends in high places, who can move mountains.  The caveat to this is: you are only as powerful at this manifesting lark, as long as you KNOW you are powerful at this.  So let’s see where we can get this magic working.

Venus Is A Home Girl

Venus stepping into Taurus, her home sign, is a game changer on 1st April but this is no April Fool; Venus has shed something by her recent connection to Uranus who represents freedom and emancipation and this step with the Uranian freedom pass, into her home territory is a warm and joyous welcome.  Venus in Taurus works from the taste buds and the loins, so by working the law of attraction and FEELING whatever you damn well please, is going to reap dividends.

Venus Vibe Of Creation

Venus is maxing out the benefits (and so can we) due to her connection to both Saturn, the master builder and Mars, the man of action, targets and agility.  This is a highly efficient and productive combination and one that lasts most of April; it is the vibe of creating the world you have always wanted – and perhaps were too scared to ask for.  Now is the time, as these two very effective ‘male’ planets, are combined with asteroid Lilith, a lady who knows exactly what she wants and WILL definitely ask, and get these two gentlemen to help her.  You can do it too – feel what you want, ask for help maybe and then get it done.  The planets are on our side for doing what we really want to do.

Mercury Direct Dynamics

On 14th April, just before the New Moon, in those dark and unlit moments, the Moon joins Mercury in Aries and in these dark shadows, Mercury stations direct.  This switch is a sleight of hand and a turn in the combination lock that brings whatever you have asked for (intentionally or not), a step nearer.  The Aries nature of this Moon and Mercury are tricky but tactical and they square Saturn who forces this change of direction – a magical move which may happen of its own accord – click – it’s done, never to go back.

New Moon Opens The Door

Within 24 hours of this Mercurial sea change and close enough to be of the same evolving landscape, the Aries New Moon on 15th busts open a multitude of opportunities and fresh thinking that will surprise many.  A New Moon acts as a starter klaxon and Aries is the beginner sign, plus the New Moon’s connection to master of all surprises, Uranus, planet of change and we have ourselves a vista of new horizons to consider.  Light bulb moments are the theme of this New Moon and new suggestions will only add certainty to the feeling proposition of Venus, so make sure it does feel right to you, for good to happen.

The Domino Effect

Now that you are feeling different, everything around looks different, and this fresh new perspective is compounded by Chiron entering Aries for the first time in 8 years on 17th and Saturn retrograding on 18th, whilst the Sun connects with change-maker Uranus.  Like a set of dominoes falling one by one, everyone else is ready for, or has to change too, in a knock on effect.  Three planetary change dynamics like this, are inviting each of us to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, since Aries (the self) will be a driving force for this.  If you stay with the Venusian heart values and play YOUR game, whatever turns up should work in your favour – be the player, not the played.

Walking In New Shoes

Your heart felt resolve will be tested on the Scorpio Full Moon at the end of the month, as now we can see where these new shoes don’t fit.  Questions might be asked, stranger, shadow aspects may rear their head and ruin the home run we were working towards.  This darker Full Moon squares Ceres (nourishment) and the North Node (destiny) in Leo who demand our new path is one of fulsome nourishment and self-mastery.  We didn’t want to go down a dead end anyway, so if we deal with any uncomfortable issues in this lunar Scorpio stare, any crisis can be avoided further down the line.  Feel the fear in this Scorpionic darkness and do it anyway, this was the plan all along.

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