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I’ve done all the hard work for you.  Having suffered with the heart ache that goes with finding your hair is either thinning or shedding, or like Kansha co-founder Carol, completely gone from chemo treatment, I know you will do what it takes to get it back.  After extensive research, i gathered all the right vitamins, herbs and minerals in to Kansha Alchemy Good Hair for what i believe is the optimum balance of nutrients to support healthy hair growth.  Good Hair works in three main ways: It contains all the vital nutrients your body needs to create 'good hair'.  It contains DHT blockers to decrease your sensitivity to DHT, a key cause of male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia.  Plus the natural anti-androgenics in Good Hair keep the hair in the growing, anagen phase which means far less shedding which is vital. 

Ann-Louise and Carol

Ann-Louise (left) and Carol (right)

Good Hair contains all the vital nutrients needed to create strong and healthy hair growth and is a unique blend of over 20 carefully selected essential vitamins, minerals and herbs, included at optimum active levels and blends. We researched and meticulously gathered all the right ingredients which support proper follicular function to accelerate hair growth, block DHT, increase hair thickness and help to decrease hair shedding.

I have spent most of my career working for the world’s largest beauty brand and in the beauty industry, where I got to try out so many wonderful products for skin, hair and health. The insight working behind the scenes, with highly qualified experts as well as being an avid user, enables me to know what works and how to push harder to create a better product. Professionally I’ve been involved in hundreds of product development processes creating incredible and innovative beauty products. So much goes in to ensuring these products are a success in terms of their active ingredients and what makes them satisfying to use and popular with consumers (clue: they have to work AND feel good). When I trained in alternative health and become a yoga and meditation teacher and then studied shamanism, I could see the incredible benefits and natural fit that working on the inside, for inner beauty and radiance creates when combined with excellence in ingredients and refined development processes.

It has been really exciting to get together with co-founder Carol, (who is my ex- boss!) as her goals aligned with mine and together our vision for Kansha Alchemy is taking off. Carol has lived all over the world running businesses, directing global marketing campaigns and sports sponsorship programmes. She has been behind the scenes supporting major music and elite sporting ‘celebrities’ enhancing their lifestyles and advising their careers. 

Together we created Kansha Alchemy to bring together a range of distilled and edited health and beauty products and rituals we found along the way, that work. This small range is just the first step in a journey to create many innovative products, promote beauty rituals that feed the soul and create a wellbeing brand that aims to activate the real radiance that comes from within and shines without.

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